Whitebox Strategy Engine ยป Overview

Before discussing the individual TradingView strategy scripts, we must talk about the underlying "engine" that powers them. "Engine" is just a fancy word we use for describing common functionality.

Trading strategy scripts are very similar to one another. Every Whitebox strategy script shares over 90% of its functionality. Because of this, it wouldn't make sense for us to explain/document the same thing over and over for every strategy. Instead, we will learn about the common things in this section, and then once you understand how these work, you can move over to the documentation page for the specific strategy you want to trade with.

Some of the common functionalities that apply to every strategy are:

  • Position entry settings, such as the type of entry (market/limit/stop), whether to restrict entries to a date range, etc.
  • Position exit settings, such as where to place the take profit and stop loss
  • Dynamic stop loss settings (such as trailing stop loss, move stop loss to break even, etc.)
  • DCA (dollar cost averaging) settings
  • Order size settings
  • etc.

We will see how each of these functionalities works in detail on the following pages, using the Data Trader - Supertrend strategy script as an example.

Besides reading the documentation on this page, you can also learn about each and every input by hovering your mouse over the ( i ) icon next to each input field:

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